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Here is a list of companies with whom I have worked and who have kind people, and have provided wonderful service!

Barcodes Inc - My rep Heidi can get you a great deal on barcode scanners.


Datacap Systems - Software developers for card payment systems including NETePay used in our self-check systems. 


Electro Alliance - A very good place to buy printers and other gadgets. Ask for Mark.


ITRE srl - Michele Bassan an amazing physicist who develops high-tech sensors for fusion reactors also works with libraries. He designed the robotic Mediabank multimedia dispenser. His machines are incredibly reliable. New technology allows the machines to be serviced remotely.


Library Supply Solutions - They have lots of cool stuff at great prices. Gary and Dean are nice guys, easy to talk with.


Tech Logic Corporation - Providers of high-tech automation including RFID, conveyors, sorters, and many other gadgets. I have worked with Gary Kirk for years to develop unique solutions. 

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